What are “Cankles”?

Cankle or Cankles refers to the lack of definition between the ankle and calf, especially in women. It is seen as a cosmetic issue, but for some it can cause embarrassment and diminish their confidence.

Sometimes also referred to Lipoedema, it refers to the abnormal build up of fat cells in the legs, buttocks and ankles. It can be painful for some and can get worse gradually if left untreated.

Solving Cankles

Dr. Vlok is a renown UK based vaser lipo specialist and has worked for over 35 years helping women to reduce the visible signs of cankles. Using vaser lipo and 4d body sculpting techniques the visible signs of cankles can be reduced and diminished, giving you the confidence to wear what you want and show off your beautiful legs and feet.

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    How do you get Cankles?

    Cankles can form for several reasons, an initial consultation with us will help determine if we can help you solve your cankle problem.

    The majority of cases we encounter have a problem with Cankles due to excessive fat retention around the ankle and calf, causing the area to bloat and look unsightly. Your body stores fat in many places around the body and ankles, especially for women, is one of these areas.

    How we treat Cankles Successfully?

    Dr. Vlok, at his surgery in the heart of Nottinghamshire, has successfully treated many women with cankles. He has given them their confidence back to wear wonderful clothes and made it easier for them to live their lives.

    The treatment is not complicated can be undertaken under local anaesthetic, and because we use vaser liposuction, patients can often return to daily activities within 3-5 days. Using modern vaser liposuction equipment results take less time than from traditional treatments and last a lifetime.

    About Dr. Vlok

    Hi, I feel extremely fortunate to be in a position to be able to help my clients look and feel better. Treating Cankles using Vaser Liposuction is an area I have been practising and honing my skills in for over 20 years now. Having trained at the prestigious University of Pretoria and the renowned International Centre of Body sculpting, Bogota I have the knowledge and experience to provide a first class service from consultation through to aftercare.

    I understand that selecting the right cosmetic surgeon to work with is a big decision, and that is why I take the time to understand not just your specific requirements, but the full picture, taking in to account health, physical options and what can realistically be accomplished. I have worked for many well known cosmetic companies throughout the UK and you can often find complimentary testimonials about me on their websites.

    I don’t work with everyone, as I’m honest about potential results. If I can’t help, then I’ll let you know, gently. But if I can, then that’s when I get excited, as I know I’m about to transform someone’s life to the good.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are they called ankles?

    Cankles is slang that blends the words calf and ankle. just like the effect on the leg and ankle, there is no definition between the 2.

    Why does my body store fat there?

    Everyone is different, but for some, the body stores more ft there than maybe other places. sometimes ankles are caused by gravity pulling the stored fat down towards the calf and ankle area.

    Will it weaken my ankles?

    No. The treatment perfectly safe and is conducted in a medical surgery environment. We do not touch the bone or ligaments or nerves, so no damage is done to the surrounding tissue.

    Do I have to wear special shoes?

    No. You will need to wear compression socks or stockings afterwards.

    How much does it cost?

    As with most things in life it depends. Our treatments are not on a menu, a 1 size fits all solution. We are professional’s and treat each patient as an individual. Each treatment is diagnosed and formulated to your needs, desires and realistic expectations. There each procedure is costed accordingly. We are happy to meet potential clients with an initial consultation to discuss requirements before committing to any treatments. We are not a large firm we are medical professionals and therefore there is no hard sell or over promising.

    Will the fat come back?

    No. Once the fat cells are removed they won’t come back if you stick to eating sensibly and some exercise. This will be fully explained to you during your initial consultation.

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